As a professional in the industrial manufacturing sector, I hold the position of Deputy General Manager at Kar-Tes Cutting Tools. At Kar-Tes, we work as the sole authorized distributor in the Turkish market for the world’s leading saw blade manufacturers: Julia from Italy, Röntgen from Germany, and Kanefusa from Japan.

I also serve as the General Manager of Werte Cutting Technologies, where we produce high-quality MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubrication) systems. In addition, we collaborate with MTM, a leading tube mills production company, Termomacchine, a welding machine manufacturer, and GTC, a provider of automatic packaging systems for the tube industry, to serve the Turkish market and tube manufacturing companies.

I am the founder of Aithra.ai, where we focus on delivering innovative AI-driven solutions tailored to enhance business efficiency and growth. This venture reflects my deep interest in artificial intelligence and its transformative potential.

Through my website GokhanGokalan.com, I share articles, tips, and insights on productivity and AI, aimed at helping others optimize their workflows and embrace technological advancements.

Additionally, beyond my professional endeavors, I run a passion blog, HepsiViski.com, where I share my love for whisky. This Turkish-language blog is dedicated to exploring the rich history, production, and cultural significance of whisky.

In my free time, I also enjoy photography, capturing moments that inspire creativity and reflection

You can check my photography page from here:

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